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LeBron James, using that Hair Butta?

Oh no, no, no, LeBron James. Say it ain’t so (Weezer style). Are you stealing Hair Butta out of Carlos Boozer’s medicine cabinet1? So LeBron James revealed his new shoe earlier this week. He also revealed a crisp hairline. I guess I’m supposed to defend this behavior, because LeBron plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He…
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Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, EP 10: Michael Pineda is using Hair Butter

So by now you know that Michael Pineda of the New York Yankees got tossed from a game for using pine tar. At least people think its pine tar. However if you remember that epic Sunday in February when Carlos Boozer introduced the world to Hair Butter. You would have said, “Oh my gosh! The…
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Carlos Boozer of the Chicago Bulls, “Are you using hair butter?”

I didn’t plan on writing today because I like to take Tuesdays off to perfect my FIFA 12 skills, and since I’m dedicated to the process of being a champion I don’t like to waver. However all that went out the window when I realized there was a coat of stuff in Carlos Boozer’s of…
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