Will Tiger Woods’ hard head makes a soft a**

Will Tiger Woods’ hard head makes a soft a**


“A hard head makes a soft ass” I grew up knowing what that expression meant before I had the ability to form a clear thought. That’s probably why I’ve never been arrested, because somewhere in the back of my mind I can hear my dad saying that on a loop.

Apparently Tiger Woods was raised in a different way. He must have been raised on that no pain no gain mantra. Where you push your body to the limit and then push it some more. Where if you concede to an injury it somehow means you’re less of a man. That seems like the case, because dude hasn’t shown the ability to stop. His body is literally screaming at him for a break and he ignores it like a manager at a sweat shop.

I will admit that one of the greatest sports moments I witnessed was Tiger Woods winning the 2008 U.S. Open on one leg. At the time I didn’t have a television or the Internet. I was living in the weird hallway/rooming house where electricity was outlawed. So I listened to the match on the radio in a coffee shop. I can still see the baristas looking at me while I cheer and buy nothing (Shout out to that coffee shop that closed down because of people like me).

I sat there thinking, “If he could do this while being injured. What can he do when healthy?” Now it’s safe to say we’ll never see him healthy again. Maybe he can do it injured again? Maybe they’ll be a reincarnation of the 2008 US Open? Hopefully there’s a lot more of hardheaded Tiger tournaments ahead.


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