Who are Josh Gordon’s friends?

Who are Josh Gordon’s friends?


So Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns has tested positive for marijuana. Consequently he could be facing a season long suspension.

Now he has appealed the decision on the ground that he was not actually smoking. Rather he was in a hot boxing situation and his positive test was caused by second hand smoke. It makes me wonder, “Who the hell are his friends?” Can’t you let ya boy get a hit? What happened to puff puff give? If Smokey was in the room. He would have said, “Hey man! You’re messing up the rotation!”

People try to argue that marijuana isn’t addictive, but if you’re smoking enough weed to have someone else fail a drug test. You probably need to dial it back. I not saying you should quit, because I’m sure you have a glaucoma condition. However, just lay off a bit…for the kids (it’s always about the kids).

I will say I have a funny suspicion that Josh Gordon is going to get off on a technicality. There’s this whole “A” sample was the “B” sample and if the “B” was the “A” then there would be no issue. Also the testing is stricter than Olympic testing, so common sense says he should get a break. So Josh Gordon may get a pass, but he should take this opportunity to find some better friends.


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