Steve Ballmer and Donald Sterling talked about…

Steve Ballmer and Donald Sterling talked about…


So the former racist owner of the Los Angeles Clippers (Donald Sterling), and the maybe/kinda sorta/soon to be owner of the Clippers (Steve Ballmer) had a “friendly conversation.”

What the hell could they have possibly talked about friendly? One guy is trying to take the other guys stuff. And the guy who’s getting his stuff taken is crazy and racist. How on earth did they have a friendly conversation? What scenario did that have to be in for both guys to be at ease? I assume there was some give and take. Maybe they watched Django Unchained1 on the new Microsoft tablet. As Ballmer show Steriling how he was going to take his team.

I don’t know what they talked about, but Steve better watch his back. When you dance2 with Donald Sterling it doesn’t end well. He’s sued his wife who married him, the NBA who made him money, and he use to sleep with a woman who wears a bee keeper’s hat. I can see it now. A tape gets leaked with Donald Sterling talking about how Magic Johnson has “The Aids.” And off in the distance in the background Steve Ballmer is watching Django.


  1. On a side note. Django Unchanned is awful. I don’t understand why people would like it, and furthermore I want to know who bought the DVD. I’m sure the sales were good, but I have yet to see a copy of DJango in someone’s house. Then again, maybe they put it away when I come over.
  2. I can’t believe I use that cliché. I’m too young for that expression. I started to deleted, but that the best I could do. So I kept it. Enjoy.


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