If Ohio State doesn’t make the Final Four, they’ve underachieved

If Ohio State doesn’t make the Final Four, they’ve underachieved

Deshaun Thomas


I still can’t belive what I saw at the end of Ohio States’ game against Iowa State. You could have told me that Aaron Craft would step up at the end of the game to make a big shot. However if you told me that shot would be a 3 pointer after he had waived off the leading scorer in the Big Ten (Deshaun Thomas). I woukd have said, “My boy Aaron Craft must have been feeling it. On a Rick James in the 80s type of level. He must have been slapping the other team around (MEAT style).”


Aaron Craft against Iowa State

While I didn’t believe that Aaron Craft had a bad game, I must admit that the egg was in the building. And when I say in the building I mean on the sideline about to take his warm ups off, and saddle up next to Craft on the free throw line.

Wow!! Aaron Craft was terrible on the free throw line at the end of that game. I know Nick Anderson was watching that scared, thinking that Craft would take his title of, “I’m missing all these free throws, because and I can’t stop spitting up on my shirt.” At one point I was praying the referee confused him with someone else and let them take the free throws.

In addition to the missed free throws, he made some illadvised ball handling mistakes that some people said (everyone that was watching the game on twitter) was a sign that he was choking. To that I would say, it’s  little presumptuous to call a couple bad plays choking. Yes, he made some errors, but it’s not like he was throwing the ball to the other team. He made bad plays while being aggressive, which is forgivable.

But none of that matters now, because Aaron Craft went Sam Cassell at the end of the game. The only thing that could have made it better was if he ripped off his shirt and started doing the testicle dance.


Ohio State Must Make the Final Four

Usually I don’t heap pressure on Ohio State, because I believe in sports jinxes ( My most recent jinx was when I called my grandmother during halftime of the Cavaliers – Heat game to celebrate breaking Miami’s streak. Only to be reminded a quarter later that the Cavs are playing a D-League roster). However when the brackets came out I noticed that the west region had the weakest of all the at-large teams outside of Wisconsin. Now that Wisconsin is gone and Gonzaga has done their Gonzaga impersonation. The Ohio State Buckeyes have a clear path to the Final Four in which they will be favored in every game. So while I don’t think they are one of the best four teams left in the tournament, if they don’t make the Final Four this will be a choke.

Now lets see if they can Aaron Craft their way out of it.


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