Don’t jump on Cleveland’s LeBron Hater bandwagon (Miami style)

Don’t jump on Cleveland’s LeBron Hater bandwagon (Miami style)


The Miami Heat and LeBron James lost last night. That’s right people that live under a rock, spoiler alert; the second longest streak in the history of the NBA has come to an end. This means there will be no record breaking history, so go ahead and pop bottles Jerry West, because Lord knows I am.

I haven’t celebrated a loss this much since the last time the Heat lost. I though all my basketball pleasure was focused on Ohio State’s run to the Final Four. Come to find out, I had a tank full of bile that waiting to explode the minute LeBron James lost a game.1 And explode it did. As soon as I saw my boy Kirk Hendrick give Chris Bosh a MEAT session. I pronounced the game over, and began popping celebratory cans of Miller High Life. I had a smile that would make the Grinch that Stole Christmas jealous, and I have a feeling I wasn’t alone.

We have some hypocrisy out in the fan circle. When LeBron James was in Cleveland, everybody and their momma was a Cavalier fan. Then he left Cleveland and publicly dedicated on the city. What followed was hatred towards the Miami Heat by every fan base outside of Miami. To the point where Derrick Rose was able to win a fraudulent MVP – in case you don’t remember who Derrick Rose is. He’s the guy that won’t play after being cleared from injury a month ago-. Then LeBron won another MVP, the Heat won a championship, and followed that up with a historic win streak. That’s when all those frauds that claim they hated the Heat jumped into Miami’s boat like a free Carnival Cruise ride. Now Heat fans had a problem with this, and I do to.

The biggest sports fan crime is being a hypocrite. If you dislike a team now, you must dislike them forever. Unless they end up employing someone close to you, in which case you can root for them as long as that person is employed. Please note: Now those are not hard rules

Now maybe the flip flopping frauds were LeBron fans all along, and they felt guilted into hating on. Those people are welcome to go back. But to those people and all the people that were just administering fake hate, don’t you dare try to dip you toe back into the hate filled Cleveland fan cesspool. We don’t need you, plus you’re tainting the water.

So let it be clear. Cleveland sports fans don’t like LeBron James, the athlete. Consequently we want nothing more than the Miami Heat to lose every game they play. This will continue unless he comes back to Cleveland. During which time we will burry our hate like a single mother when her ex-husband comes by tie house to visit the kids.


1. Please note even though I have hate for the Heat. Its origin and owner is LeBron James the basketball player. The Miami Heat just get the strap metal.


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