Daniel Gibson apologizes to Cleveland Cavalier fans…why?

Daniel Gibson apologizes to Cleveland Cavalier fans…why?


So Daniel Gibson, formally of the Cleveland Cavaliers posted that picture on instagram.

It pretty much self explanatory what he tried to do. Obviously he felt like the Cavalier fans deserved more than they got from him while he was in Cleveland.

However, if you’re a Cleveland fan you have to ask yourself, “Why is he apologizing? He was apart of the greatest 4 years in the history of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was apart of a team that went to the NBA Finals. Dude rode shotgun with LeBron James in 2007, and upset the Detroit Pistons during the Conference Finals. And at times he was the best player on the court. So he doesn’t need to apologize. We should be thanking him.”


I thank Boobie for being apart of some of my greatest times as a Cavalier fan. I wish you could have been healthier for both of our sake, but you don’t need to apologize. I hope you land on your feet, and maybe you’ll be back. Perhaps we could have a LeBron, Boobie reunion 2014?


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