No three peat for the Miami Heat, thanks to the producer LeBron James

No three peat for the Miami Heat, thanks to the producer LeBron James


So LeBron James is a producer now? How great is that? The guy that “couldn’t win the big one” has decided to take his talents on set. I thought the pre-title celebration where LeBron, Bosh, and Wade rose from the earth like the undertaker at Summer Slam was something but this takes the cake. On a side note this gives me the opportunity to place that pre-championship celebration here:


According to a story on, LeBron James will be producing a television show. I’m not sure what the premise of the show is. I’m sure it will be something inspiring. That way he can deflect any criticism he may get when he goes 4 for 15 in the second round of a playoff elimination game. The same way he tried to deflect criticism after The Decision by donating money to the boys and girls club. Personally I’m happy he has decided to make a Spike Lee like turn. As a Cleveland sports fan, 2014 will be one less summer that the media gets to rub it in my face. It also greases the skids even further for a potential return to Cleveland next summer (As if the skids really needed to be greased. The Cavaliers have built a playoff team, while managing to not sign a quality small forward. I wonder who they may look for to fill that position). There is no way you have produce a television show, make headphones, contemplate presidency of the NBA players association, and win a championship. So produce on LeBron. Hopefully you get nominated for an Emmy and end up having to miss the playoffs all together


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