Cleveland Cavaliers’ Dion Waiters, turning it around

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Dion Waiters, turning it around


My man Dion Waiters has been going H.A.M. (flash style) for the last month and a half.

Things looked bleak for the Cleveland cavaliers when Kyrie Irving was advised to sit out and rest his knee. However, Waiters has taken Irving’s absence as an opportunity to showcase his skill. He has led the Cavaliers to 2 consecutive win, and nearly added a third over the Miami Heat. With Irving out, people are noticing Dion, but this isn’t a recent trend. It’s been this way for a while.

Now I will be the first to say I am pleasantly/shockingly surprised. I couldn’t stand Dion Waiters for the first 2 months of the NBA season. He was horribly inconsistent and shot the Cavaliers out of basketball games. Dude was shooting a miraculous 30% from the field – also known as Austin Rivers territory –, and was eventually bench by Byron Scott. Personally I wanted Scott to ship him off to sea in a pontoon boat with just enough gas for a one way trip. I was done watching this guy take smelly steamers during games. However, something happened during Christmas break. I don’t know if he got shots up or watched tape of the smelly steamers he was taking. Perhaps he went on that one way pontoon trip to get some dear antler spray. And after a few sprays under his tongue he swam back with a jump shot. I don’t know what happened, but you have to credit Dion Waiters. Since Christmas break he is shooting 47% while taking fewer shots and averaging more points. He has helped the Cleveland Cavaliers get better, and was a huge part of the Cavaliers being over five hundred in the month of February (The first time they have been over five hundred since King Hudini left).

My only advice now would be for him to stay off the 3-point line. He’s been brick city (Redman style) beyond the arc all year. “So work on that in the offseason. In the meantime please drop the pontoon boat, and antler spray off at the Indians practice facility. I have a feeling the will need it.”


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