The Marshawn Lynch interview is officially uncomfortable, Enough

Can we stop with the Marshawn Lynch interviews? Seriously it’s uncomfortable. Just watch the first 45 seconds for the newest edition of both teams played hard (Rasheed Wallace style).

He actually rubs his eyes at and you can see his eyes get watery.

The purpose of an interview is to hear someone talk. The only problem is Marshwan Lynch doesn’t want to talk. So why are we still seeing interviews from him? Who is gaining from this transaction? Is it the media? I don’t think it is. Who has fun being rejected once a week? I’ve been rejected before, and I wasn’t eager to go back for more. And I definitely didn’t want a camera crew to tag along and film my uncomfortable failure. So what going on?

SeahawkWaterMaybe the media is doing this because that’s just the way things are done. “Star players are supposed to talk, because the fans want to know what they have to say”. Well, I can’t speak for all fans, and I definitely don’t speak for Seahawks’ fans (I don’t know if you heard but I don’t carry that Seahawks water). But I’ve had enough of the uncomfortable, I don’t want to be here Marshawn Lynch interviews. So let the man have his skittles and about his business. There are plenty of Seahawks that would love to talk. Go find them


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