The Cleveland Browns must get Robert Griffin III no matter the cost *

The Cleveland Browns must get Robert Griffin III no matter the cost *

The Cleveland Browns must find a way to get Robert Griffin III for several reasons. First and foremost he’s the best quarterback in the draft.

I know some people would argue for Andrew Luck, and to those people I would like to show them a video of RG3 running a 4.38 40-yard dash. Then I would throw in tape from his last year at Baylor, and we would eat popcorn as we watched him hit receivers on deep balls in stride. If that weren’t enough I would tell my boy RG3 to hold up the Heisman Trophy, as I held up my middle finger and a sign that read, “Eat it!”

The Browns have a young team with needs basically everywhere (That includes head coach). So why not go all in on a franchise player at the most important position? Robert Griffin could be the foundation of a division championship team in Cleveland (that’s right I said it). Not only is he a great player, but he’s a fantastic leader. He’s the type of guy that could grab a rudderless team and lead them in the right direction. Furthermore Robert Griffin would be great for the city Cleveland.

Historically Cleveland has been a team that gets close but never finishes the deal. I believe in recent years (excluding the Indians) that’s because the teams weren’t built correctly. However if the Browns draft Griffin they could follow in the footsteps of the Cleveland Cavaliers by building around the most important position.

The arrival of Kyrie Irving is starting to change a city that thought they would struggle after the loss of LeBron James. In addition it has instantly changed the fortune of the Cleveland Cavaliers. They now have the best draft pick in the last 5 years1, and a future All-Star point guard. If the Browns draft Robert Griffin III, the city of Cleveland would have two guys to hang their hat on. In time I believe that both will put their respective teams and the city of Cleveland in a great position to win a championship.

The Cleveland Browns have control over this situation. All they need to do is pony up whatever it cost. Sure it has the potential of backfiring, but look at the way it worked out for the New York Giants with Eli Manning. They gave up the house and have been rewarded with 2 championships so far. Hopefully the Browns do the same, if not for them then for the city of Cleveland.


1. I’m sure some people will try to argue Blake Griffin, but check the shooting percentage. If you still want to argue check the shooting percentage.


*Full of Unapologetic Cleveland Bias

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