Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints Original Gangster

Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints Original Gangster

Just when you thought Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints was remorseful about the bounty scandal. He pulls out his gangster.

I was never under the assumption that the Saints were sorry for the bounty scandal. How could you be sorry when you cover up a scandal for years, and then lie when questioned about it? Payton and the Saints said they were sorry because they got caught (Jim Tressel style). Also how could you regret doing it, when it helped you win a super bowl?

I’m not saying they won the super bowl because of injuries. However I do think the bounties gave the defense an extra incentive to do their job. And don’t give me the argument that it had no effect, because if that were true they wouldn’t use the program.

After punishment was levied, one would assume you would lay low, kind of like one of those gunslingers in an old western. However Don Paytëõn doesn’t go away. No my man goes out and tries to make his team better by offering Bill Parcells a job. Now I question if there is a real offer to Parcells, and even if he does take the job I don’t think it will make any difference1. However I don’t care about Bill Parcells and what he may do. What intrigues me is that Payton would have the balls to try to pull this off. This guy is supposed to be paying his penance, and instead he’s trying to real in the biggest fish of the offseason (pun intended)2. And as if that weren’t enough, there’s a report that he may join Fox as an NFL analyst. “What the hell?”

So I conclude that Sean Payton is just that damn gangster. This is the guy that shows up in jail, slaps the biggest guy in there, and eats his cornbread. I’m actually shocked that he didn’t try to shiv Roger Goodell when the suspension came down. I fully expect Payton to work as a sideline reporter exclusively for Saints games. I could see him doing a pregame interview with Jonathan Vilma in which he says, “I got $100 for you if you tackle this Goodell guy next time you see him.”

Long live Don Paytëõn




1. I don’t have time to get into the overhyped career of Bill Parcells. I will save my venom for another slow sports day when I’m struggling to find a story.
2. Tuna


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