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Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints Original Gangster

Just when you thought Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints was remorseful about the bounty scandal. He pulls out his gangster. I was never under the assumption that the Saints were sorry for the bounty scandal. How could you be sorry when you cover up a scandal for years, and then lie when questioned…
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The New Orleans Saints bounty scandal overblown

Let the vilification begin. Gregg Williams and the New Orleans Saints are on their way from being seen as, well, saints to scoundrels. The team that boosted the morale of the city ravaged by Hurricane Katrina aren’t so angelic after all. The halo hovering over Sean Payton are now devil horns grotesquely protruding from his head.…
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NFC Wildcard Preview and Predictions Pt. 1

  *We are breaking down each wildcard game by conference Detroit Lions vs. New Orleans Saints From the outside this may seem like one of the most lopsided games, however if you take a closer look that may not be the case. Sure New Orleans beat Detroit head to head, but the Lions were missing…
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