Notre Dame is ranked 24th…why?

Notre Dame is ranked 24th…why?

The Notre Dame – not so good at fighting – Irish are ranked in college football’s preseason top 25 poll.

When the preseason top 25 NCAA Football Coaches pole came out. I swarmed to it like a locust during the apocalypse. I looked at the list. I digested the list. I nervously scanned the list hoping to see The Ohio State Buckeyes despite their problems. To my surprise I was slapped in the face (Dez Bryant style) with confusion. I think I actually yelled in a high pitch, “What the hell is Notre Dame doing on this list?”

I think at this point I shouldn’t be surprised. Hell, it happens every year. No matter how awful Notre Dame shows that they are. They get ranked in the preseason. It’s as if people don’t watch the games, because if they were watch it would be plan to see that they’re not any good.

Furthermore, not only is Notre Dame not good now, but they won’t be good anytime in the near future1. Call me crazy, but I think 50 years is a large enough sample size to evaluate the low level of talent their able to recruit. Recruiting services will tell you that they have had a top five recruiting class every year. However, if you look at the talent on the field, it’s obvious that that’s not the case. Top 5 recruiting classes don’t lose to USF.

Now I know Notre Dame apologist are cranking up their typewriter to send me hate mail via, carrier pigeon. I’m sure the first line of their hand written note will say, “Our coach stinks.” Yeah maybe your coach does stink, but if the talent is what you say it is. It wouldn’t matter who the coach is. Look no further than Larry Cocker at the University of Miami. He couldn’t coach a lick, yet he went to back to back National Championship games, managed to win one, and got jobbed out of the other one on a phantom pass interference call2.

The reality is Notre Dame is closer to 40th in the nation than 25th. They’re more Cal Poly than Nebraska. I guess, you can say… they’re Notre Dame, post Lou Holtz, prohibition, and integration. An over ranked team whose reputation seems to impenetrable by lackluster yearly results. At this point we should just concede delusion to preseason voters. Perhaps then I can spare myself from getting pissed off every year. I do know one thing. By the beginning of September I will feel much better as I watch them get bludgeoned by a team we were told they were better than.


1. I say near future because there is an off chance of an apocalypse that takes out every BCS conference.

2. God bless the referee that made that call. He will forever be on my Christmas card list.


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