New York Knicks are right in letting Jeremy Lin walk

New York Knicks are right in letting Jeremy Lin walk

Sources1 say that the New York Knicks will not match the Houston Rockets offer for Jeremy Lin. That means New York has probably seen the last of Linsanity. That also means that the Knicks may have someone in the front office with a brain. I know New York loved Linsanity, but I don’t get the feeling that the fans are sad to see him go. I think everyone knew the phenomena that was Jeremy Lin would end eventually. I would liken his ascension to that of MC Hammer. We embraced the novelty of Hammer but we all knew it had a shelf life. There’s only so long a grown man can dance around with parachute pants on. In Jeremy Lin’s case, there’s only so long you can masquerade as New York savor without actually doing something.

The New York Knicks were right to not resign Jeremy Lin for several reasons. Let’s set aside the obvious reason which is that fact that he’s not that good, and isn’t worth $25 million. Who spends $25 million for a limited backup point guard, except for the Houston Rockets. The Knicks were right not to sign Jeremy Lin because of his limited time in the floor. Dude just hadn’t played enough games. Just think, at the height of Linsanity he had started 10 games and Mike D’Antoni still had a job. Of course it all came to an end on a night in February when Mario Chalmers went Son of Glove on him.

Now I know later on Lin got injured, but how serious was the injury? It was reported that he was working out during the playoffs, and said he was 85%. So why didn’t he play? Maybe he didn’t want to risk being exposed by Mario Chalmers and the Miami Heat in the playoffs once again? That leads me to the main reason why the New York Knicks shouldn’t resign Lin.

He’s knows he’s a fraud.

There is such a thing as over achieving and under achieving. There is also such a thing as over achieving for a limited time because of the situation you’re in. The later best describes what Jeremy Lin did in New York. Many teams are fooled into giving players like Lin big contracts. Sometimes their stuck in a compromised situation, and they cave into the pressure. That could have been the outcome for the Knicks and Jeremy Lin. However Lin saved the Knicks from making a mistake. By sitting out during the playoffs, Lin told Knicks, “In not who you think I am.” He minus well have recruited a street team to hand out Fraudsanity shirts.

So to Knicks fans I would say you dodged a bullet. Be happy that the Knicks finally made a decision that didn’t set your franchise back 3 years. Maybe this will drive away the ghost of Isiah Thomas. Then again…you still have a ball stopper in Carmelo Anthony, a 75 year old point guard, and a power forward that can’t stay healthy. The ghost may not be completely gone, but it could be on its way out.


1. I always wonder who sources are. I think they make up sources. Sources could be that dude that gives bad haircuts at the barber shop.


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