“Derrick Rose is this era’s MJ!”…Time for a Reality Check.

“Derrick Rose is this era’s MJ!”…Time for a Reality Check.

Derrick Rose is the next coming of some Zeus like basketball figure. He’s the greatest ever. “Derrick Rose is this mixture between Michael Jordan and Brock Lesnar. I literally don’t know how you stop him!” Well I’d just let him take jump shots because dude can’t shoot.

Alright let’s come down to reality (For all you with you Rose colored shades on. Reality is the place where the grass is green and the best player in basketball has a jump shot). Before I shred Derrick Rose I want to say he is a great player.

Now contrary to popular belief, Derrick Rose is not the best thing since sliced bread. This, “best player in the league stuff” is garbage. He’s barely even top 10 (Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowitzki, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and Kevin Durant are all ahead of him). Of course if you’ve been listening to sports radio for the last 4 months you wouldn’t know that. The media is treating Rose like he’s actually won something. The other day I heard someone say, “Rose is the most athletic point guard ever.” Take it Easy. Allow me to introduce you to a guy by the name of Allen Iverson. At Iverson’s size and position, there has never been someone more athletic than him. I would even argue that Steve Nash is a more athletic point guard than Derrick Rose (before you kill me for that statement. Take into account that he was a star soccer and rugby player in high school). So, to call Derrick Rose the most athletic point guard ever is just lazy and asinine.

Derrick Rose is not the MVP of the league. It is well-known that he is going to win the MVP, but so what (that was very unprofessional. Dock me all the journalist points that I’ve never had). We all watched the games, and he wasn’t the best player. You can say that it’s subjective, but there’s not an argument you can make in favor of Rose winning the MVP over LeBron James or Dwight Howard. The truth of the matter is, there are two reasons he’s going to win the MVP, and neither of them have anything to do with him. First every writer hates what LeBron James did this offseason, and they’re dead set on not rewarding him before the season started. The second reason is every writer hates what LeBron James did this offseason, and they were dead set on not rewarding him before the season started. The problem with that is LeBron isn’t the MVP this year either. So while the media allowed James to hold them emotionally hostage. They missed the true MVP this year (drum roll please), Dwight Howard.

Dwight Howard is the essence of what an MVP is. He’s the best defender (note 3 consecutive defensive players of the year) and he is the best player in the league at his position. Howard is the most irreplaceable player in the NBA. If you look at the drop off from Howard to the next best Center. It is a larger gap than Derrick Rose to the next best point guard. Especially since Rose isn’t the best point guard in the league (for the record I would put Rose 2nd this year behind Chris Paul who is top five in steals and assists. Derrick isn’t top five in any stat category). Dwight’s achievements continue to get overlooked, and I’m not sure why. Now granted I see why he didn’t win a MVP in past. Offensively he was limited, and wasn’t even the leader of his win team. You also have to take into account that he lost to LeBron James for the past two years and dude can ball. However, Dwight Howard significantly improved himself offensively while continuing his dominance on the defensive end. He carried a team that lived on 3 point shots and prayer to a top four seed in the playoff. He was top five in rebounds and blocks. He also finished 11th in points. Howard did all this while being saddled with the Orlando Magic (which included Vince Carter for 22 games, which alone is unbelievable).

Now if you still think Derrick Rose is the MVP, read the previous paragraph again.



This was originally posted on April 30th 2011 on The Pillar, by Kortney Williams. Not one word has been altered. It has just been reposted to let everyone know the Comedic Prose had it first. Absolutely nothing has been altered. I hope you enjoy


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5 Responses

  1. Rickey says:

    Are you mentally retarded or just stupid Derrick Rose is one the quickest most clutch players in the league he deserves that MVP award because he is the MVP he carries his team no F that he carries his city on his back and how dare you say he isn’t one of the most athletic guards in the NBA do you see the way he moves his body around defenders mid-air he’s so awesome at it that when other people do it they say “Oh he went D Rose on ’em” He’s one of the best players in the league right now and it’s blasphemy to say he isn’t not to mention his quickness and agility are you blind do you not see how he blows past defenders like a BULL it’s just impossible to stop him he will always find a way to get that ball in the net and makes it look easy.

  2. Kortney Williams says:

    Thanks for reading.
    I didn’t say he wasn’t the most athletic guards in the NBA. I said he wasn’t the most athletic guards ever.
    As far as the 2010 – 2011 MVP, check the numbers.

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  4. Yung Mini says:

    nigga wut basketball have u been watchin…..D.Rose is da shit…he wouldnt have gotten that trophy if he wuznt. idgaf wut nobody say my nigga is goin 2 da mutha fuckin TOP!!

  5. Victor says:

    he rehurt his leg in the first qteurar. I actually liked what I saw from RIP aside from missed shots and a couple bad passes. D Wade was absolutely gassed trying to guard RIP. I definitely think that with a healthy starting lineup we can contend against the heat. Thats the problem though. RIP has to sit out a while and rehab, cuz i heard even yesterday (wednesday) that his leg was still killing him. One thing that is bothering me about the Bulls is their lack of Energy and Focus when they are playing a game after a win. They crushed the Wizards on monday, then came to Philly and had nothing. I dont understand what is wrong with them. They need to play every game hard. Rose doesn’t suffer from this laziness, but it still affects him. Thibs needs to figure out why this lack of motivation is happenning. It seems like they are only energized to play coming off of losses. Not Gonna Work.

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