Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls need to make championship moves

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls need to make championship moves

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls need to strengthen their roster in order to be true NBA Championship contenders. Rose is going to kill himself trying to drag this team to relevancy. How they get better? I don’t really know. Maybe they trade some pieces or use a midlevel exception? Perhaps they could kidnap someone that can hit a jump shot. I think they should send Carlos Boozer to a basketball camp where they teach basketball players 6’10” and above how to finish at the rim. I don’t know when Boozer forgot how to dunk, but if does another finger roll. I’m taking him off my buddy list (How High style). On the bright side. He did stop wearing that honey glazed Hair Butter Mixture that was passed off as a dark ceaser.

The idea of tweaking the Bulls roster came up recently when Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic played them in Chicago. When Rose was asked about the idea of acquiring Howard, he seemed bothered with the speculation. He replied by saying he was sick and tired of the trade talk. What he should have said is, “Who do we have to give up to get him?”

I like Derrick Rose but he is not the type of player that can win championship being your number one guy. Rose is not Isiah Thomas. He lacks that kind of leadership and hasn’t displayed the ability to shift a team’s mentality. Also unlike Rose, Thomas possessed the ability to make the players around him better. Derrick is also not Allen Iverson. Iverson was selfish to the point that he made his team successful. Rose doesn’t have a selfish bone in his body. I don’t ever see Rose getting the ball, telling everyone to get out of his way, and making every offensive play.

Because Derrick Rose doesn’t have the characteristics of Thomas or Iverson he needs help. It may seem ridiculous to make that statement, but when you consider that they (Iverson and Thomas) are the only small guards to get it done while being the focal point of the offense. It doesn’t sound so crazy.

The Chicago Bulls need to make moves. I know people thought Richard Hamilton was going to be that final piece. However those people are starting to realize, “He’s Richard Hamilton.” Hamilton is an off the ball scorer that needs the offense to revolve around him. Since the Bulls aren’t set up for that offense. Rip’s effectiveness has been limited. I do think Luol Deng is having a great season, and is now a valid second option. But that’s not going to matter. If the Chicago Bulls think they’re beating the Heat with Luol Deng, sketchy role players, and Hair Butter. They will be going home again.

Chicago must make moves.

Kortney Shane Williams

Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose

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4 Responses

  1. Mo says:

    I completely agree with you!

  2. John Pierre says:

    Clearly you have no idea what are talking about. First of all, the bulls, don’t need any more pieces. A healthy solid SG would be great, but I’m not ready to write Rip off yet. I have to see him in the playoffs to assess that accurately. But the bulls have found a way to make it work, regardless. I don’t think we need to be trying to bring howard over here. Firstly, anyone who knows anything about basketball would know he doesn’t fit our system. Lets evaluate the pros and cons of this situation. The pros are he is a gargantuan of a,man who is a true post player and elite leaper and defender. Ok, now lets weigh the cons. He is slow getting up and down the floor, poor foul shooter (noah and boozer are much better foul shooters), and most important, this trade combined with his ego may destroy team chemistry…

  3. John Pierre says:

    Derrick rose is a great leader… In case u haven’t noticed, the whole team has taken on his, persona: selfless, hungry to win, and humble! That’s called leading by example. I think everyone is so thrown off because his demeanor is mild and, laid back and everyone just thinks he, laxed. I call it ” lovie smith syndrome.” Yet Derrick, like lovie, has proven when he has the pieces and they are all in the same page, they can produce wins in volumes, despite not being outspoken…. You think dwight howard is an upgrade at the leadership position for THIS team? Not at all… Furthermore, dwight howard said wherever he lands, he wants to be the guy. well this is d-rose’s team. He is the only, leader,I prefer

  4. Christopher Mitchell says:

    No thanks! Howard can stay where he is or move in another direction,the Bulls need a healthy RIP and another shooter, Hello Ben have you learned your lesson yet?Now come back home and win.I think Howard is showing everyone that he has a ME first attitude, winning is secondary. Cause if winning was his primaary goal NJ wouldn’t even be a thought and he’d be lobbying for tickets to Chicago ASAP!

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