Cleveland drama starring: Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiter, and Josh Gordon

Cleveland drama starring: Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiter, and Josh Gordon


I believe that if you’re not going to be good, then be interesting. And The Cleveland Cavaliers have been interesting. They have gotten more attention than I thought was possible for a team that’s going to lose 50 games.

The latest drama surrounds Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, and inexpiably Josh Gordon. Yeah that Josh Gordon. The one that plays for the Cleveland Browns. You’re probably thinking, “What the hell does he have to do with the Cavs?” The answer to that is, “Nothing” but when you get a chance to look at a car accident. You have to slow down and look.

Gordon came out and said that Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland, and that he knows this because Dion Waiters told him. He also said that he could see Kyrie or Waiters being traded. Those comments seemed benign, because anyone who has been paying attention knows this to be true. Throughout the season stories have circulated that echo exactly what Gordon said. However this time Kyrie came out on Twitter and in interviews denying what Gordon said. While telling him to mind his own business.

Eventually Kyrie, Dion, and Gordon talked it out. Now everything is great in Cleveland, and we can go back to watching the Cavs lose. But let’s exam the drama one last time.

The take away:

This is why Jay-Z doesn’t beef down, because it’s a no win situation. In this situation Kyrie Irving comes off as being extremely thin skinned. To the point where I wonder what kind of leader he is. Is he the guy that always feels the need to defend himself? Because if that’s the case, he’s not the player the Cavaliers should build around. I’m sure it has to bother him that all these roomers surround him, but they’re not coming out thin air. Perhaps he should reevaluate the people around him. Or maybe he is the problem.


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