Are Seattle Seahawks fans blaming the refs…again?

Are Seattle Seahawks fans blaming the refs…again?

NFL: NFC Championship-San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks fans, Hawk Nation, Twelves, or however you’re referring to yourself these days. Are you blaming the refs for losing to dreadful St. Louis? I know it’s not all of you blaming the refs, but it’s definitely the majority. So if you’re a fan and don’t feel like this applies to you. Look yourself in the mirror and if you still have neon streaks in your hair from yesterday’s game, you are who I’m talking to. I know you feel like it’s not your teams fault, but it is. The Seattle Seahawks stunk the joint up (I know about stinking the joint. My Cleveland Browns loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars). The great Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman aren’t infallible. Maybe trading your best offensive player two days before the game will affect the team? Perhaps your defense should be able to stop St. Louis? But it’s not the refs fault

I thought we were past this. After Seattle won the super bowl I thought we put blaming the refs to bed. Come on 12th man act like you been there before. Stop blaming the refs and appreciate that you have a good team.


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