Anthony Bennett may be an NBA player?

Anthony Bennett may be an NBA player?


I can’t believe it, but Anthony Bennett could actually be a real NBA player. I can’t believe I just wrote that. Even though I know I just wrote that. The Notorious D.N.P. – thanks Bill Simmons – can play in the NBA. Maybe Chris Grant was right to draft him with the first pick? Maybe David Thorpe knows more than everyone, and Bennett will be a fringe NBA All-Stars? Perhaps the reports of Anthony Bennett’s Olowokandiness has been greatly exaggerated.

Over the last two weeks Anthony Bennett has looked great. Now I am grading on the Anthony Bennett curve, but that doesn’t take away from how he’s played. It looks like he’s in shape, and is starting to show some confidence on the court. He no longer walks around with his head down when he makes mistakes. Instead he plays with confidence. I can finally see what the Cavaliers saw when they drafted him; a talented player, with good offensive fundamentals. Hopefully for Cavs fans his defense picks up, but this is not the time to nitpick Bennett. I just happy dude might not be a bust. Now if we could only find a way to make it up to Chris Grant?


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