I’m not buying MLB 2K13…I want The Show on Xbox

I’m not buying MLB 2K13…I want The Show on Xbox

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I love sports video games. As a matter of fact that’s basically all I play. My favorite producer of games have been 2k sports. I have bought their products since their incarnation on Sega Dreamcast. That’s right I had a Sega Dreamcast when everyone was rocking a PlayStation.  As a matter fact I still have the Dreamcast, and may fire up a game of Sonic 3D Blast tonight.
So I’m partial to 2k sports, which makes it well with in my right to say, “I will not buy mlb 2k13!”
I know everyone has been sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for this announcement, so I had to make a statement. While I have liked the previous versions of this franchise. Over the last 3 years there has been no evolution worth paying $60 for. As a matter of fact 2k13 is exactly like 2k12, only with updated rosters. So while I love playing with the true quality of the players in the game, it’s not worth the money.  Especially when MLB The Show has everything you want and cost $60 as well.
Question…why does The Show have to be a PlayStation only game? It’s clearly the best baseball title. Why not put it on both systems. There should be a Mitchell investigation and a congressional hearing on why this can’t be done. If that title were available on Xbox, it would out sell the 2k title. It would be nice to have a PlayStation, but who buys a system just to play one game? Instead lets start a petition to get The Show on Xbox. I will head the movement with this post.


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