Do you love the San Antonio Spurs, or is that Miami Heat hate?

Do you love the San Antonio Spurs, or is that Miami Heat hate?


So I’m supposed to believe that everyone loves the San Antonio Spurs. The team that for the last 10 years made everyone cringe at the thought that they may make The NBA Finals. This is the team that doesn’t hesitate to bench it’s starters for nationally televised games. These are games that you have planned your evening around. So you sit down to watch Tim Duncan, and end up turning off the TV, while some European guy attempts a bank shot. The Spurs don’t interviews and if you dare ask Gregg Popovich a question, he may stare a hole through your skin. The Spurs are the single team in the NBA that don’t give a damn about fans outside of their arena. They are the team everyone should hate. And normally you would hate them, but they’re playing the Miami Heat.

People hate success, arrogance, and shoveling their driveway. So it’s only natural that they would root against the Heat. On top of that they assembled a team full of ringers and rubbed your face in it. It only makes sense that fans outside of Miami would root against them. However, if this team that was “bought and not built” were playing in your city, you would love them. So you don’t really hate the Heat. You’re jealous that they are not yours.

That jealousy has driven you to root for a team that doesn’t want to talk to you and couldn’t give a damn rather you rooted from them or not. So, you can say you love the Spurs for whatever boring reason you choose. Just don’t expect me to believe you.


Kortney Shane Williams

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