Cleveland Cavaliers signature loss to an eight man team

Cleveland Cavaliers signature loss to an eight man team


I’ve heard of teams having a signature moment during a championship season. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers went the other way last night, and had a signature moment during a horrific season. Anytime a team doesn’t have enough players to play, you would assume they would lose the game. However, if that team is playing the 2014 Cleveland Cavaliers as of Feb 6th, it may not be that simple1.

The Cleveland Cavaliers got mopped by the Los Angeles Lakers last night and I mean MOPPED. The final score shows that the Cavs lost by 11 points, but it wasn’t that close. At one point in the game they were down by 29. They also gave up 70 points before halftime, and the Lakers’ leading scorer was Ryan Kelly. Yeah that Ryan Kelly, the rookie from Duke who wouldn’t actually be playing if the Lakers were healthy. That guy led all Lakers with 26 points.

I would like to say the Cavaliers hit a new low, but this happened just a couple weeks ago. D.J. Augustin was the first no name to go H.A.M. on the Cavaliers. I’m not sure if things can get worse for the Cavaliers. You would think, losing to a team of 8 players would be rock bottom, but who knows. For now this is the signature loss for a team that is having a horrific season. We’ll see if it gets any better.


  1. I had to date stamp this, because I’m sure the Cavs traded half the team on the way to the locker room.


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