Cleveland Cavaliers get some Loul Deng and insurance

Cleveland Cavaliers get some Loul Deng and insurance


So the Cleveland Cavaliers turned Andrew Bynum’s arthritic knees and 3 draft picks (one first round from Sacramento and two second round picks from Portland), into Loul Deng. Deng is a 2 time all-star and is still in his prime. I could also add that he was a part of those fraudulent Chicago Bulls teams that thought they were good enough to win a title. Those same teams that won game a million regular season games, but only managed to win one game in the 2011 Conference Finals. You may have forgot that Deng was on the floor during that series, which is understandable, because he was invisible. However let’s not talk about that. This is a post of positivity.

The acquisition of Deng means that Cavaliers are not only trying to win this year, but they are also putting down a safety net for this off season. Just in case you know who, doesn’t come back to you know where.

The Cavaliers couldn’t get left jilted by LeBron James again this off season with no backup plan. In the event that The Decision 2, goes the same way as the original. They have the Loul Deng safety net.

So now the worst case for the Cavaliers, is that they resign Loul Deng this summer, which will help them keep Kyrie Irving. That’s why this move is great. It helps the Cavs win now, and build for the future.

Now let’s hope those 3 picks don’t come back to haunt them.


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