Kortney’s Last Show, EP 154: Everybody’s Breast Were Out “It Was the Grammys”

On this episode of Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, Kortney talks about the Grammys and marvels at everyone discovering Charles Oakley

Kortney opens the show talking about Charles Oakley, James Dolan, Latrell Sprewell, and the New York Knicks.

He also talks about the Grammy Awards (14:55), Oklahoma City being drubbed by Golden State, and Oklahoma City fans (36:47), and Playboy brings back nudity (42:24).

Music: Kurtis Blow – The Breaks

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Kortney Shane Williams

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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 136: Enough With the @Indians Logo & Bad Fan Behavior


On this episode of The Last Show Podcast, Kortney talks about his trip to Spokane, WA and the Cleveland Indians logo.

Kortney opens the show talking about his weekend of comedy in Spokane (3:23) and his experience at IHOP (8:04).

He explores the recent questionable fan behavior at sporting events (15:53), discusses the Cleveland Indians racist logo, and a conversation he had with a Native person after a show (24:14).

He also talks about Donald Trump’s star being vandalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (39:48), beginning of the NBA season (42:01), and the Cleveland Cavaliers being Diabolical Haters (43:19).


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Kortney Shane Williams

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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 122: My Official Comedy Album Announcement; Westbrook Re-Signs

On this episode of the podcast I talk about my upcoming comedy recording.

I will be recording October 21st & 22nd at the Comedy Underground in Seattle. I tell you how you can get free tickets. There are a limited number of free tickets, so I also tell you how you can get half priced tickets if you miss out on those.

I also talk about the Men’s Olympic basketball team going to a brothel in Brazil, Westbrook’s new contract, and whether LeBron can actually catch Michael Jordan.

My bother joins the show to gloat about being right about Russell Westbrook and he becomes the Diabolical Hater.

Also Cedar Point shuts down a roller coast after a cable detaches.

Quick Hitters: NFL Cancels the Hall of Fame Game, RG3 is the Brown’s starter, and Ken Griffey Jr & Alex Rodriguez careers come to an end.

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Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, EP 51: Madonna Kisses Drake, Kanye West Jumps in a Lake, and Streaming Coachella


On this episode of The Last Show Podcast I talk about Coachella. That means talk about Madonna kissing Drake. What happened right there? Drakes reaction reminds me of Justin Timberlake’s reaction when he whipped out Janet Jackson’s breast at the super bowl (and what a great super bowl it was. That’s the reason I no longer watch halftime, because nothing can surpass that). He gave that, “Oh this is not the way we rehearsed this” look.

I also talk about Kanye West jumping into a lake in Armenia during a show. I wonder why people followed him into the lake. Didn’t they see that he was getting wet? What’s up with Armenian concert goers? This Kardashian thing is right on track for not ending well.

I nominate an interesting hater of the week, I talk about Alex Rodriguez’s first homerun, and I have a new close to the show.


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Kortney Shane Williams

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Sunday, The Return of Dion Waiters to Cleveland #CAVSvsOKC



I  knew the Cleveland Cavaliers played the Oklahoma City Thunder tomorrow. Which means I was looking forward to the match ups of Durant vs. LeBron in the who is the best player in the NBA, Kyrie vs. Westbrook in who can put up the most shots while being the second best player on the team, and Love vs. Ibaka in “If only we had a good coach. People wouldn’t think we’re washed up at 25.” However I forgot the real MVP, Dion Waiters.

This will be the first time the Cavs match up against OKC since shipping Dion Waiters there in the middle of the night (Baltimore Colts style). Waiters thinks he’s the best player in the league and has probably planned some type of vengeance against the organization that traded him away. He recently said that he loves his new team because he gets to touch the ball more now. However he actually shot the ball more when he was in Cleveland which is why he’s now in Oklahoma. Apparently even his perception skews at a bad percentage.

With that being said, I love Waiters and his game. I hope he gets to shoot a lot, and I  wouldn’t mind if he won the game for the Thunder. Maybe a game winning shot where he rips the ball out of Westbrook’s hands like Carlton did Will. Then he can parade around the court doing the testicle dance while everyone watching comes to the conclusion simultaneously of, “Oh…that’s  why they traded him.”
Kortney Shane Williams

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Oklahoma City Thunder, Because of Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant’s numbers are exactly what would be expected of a superstar.

It’s a good thing for the Oklahoma City Thunder that Kevin Durant isn’t all superstar though. That’s not a knock on Kevin Durant. In fact, it’s the biggest reason why the Thunder have been able to mature into one of the two best teams in the league. Maybe the best.

Sure, KD has become not only the best pure scorer in the NBA but also a much more complete player. Yeah, he has established himself as a closer that we can compare to Michael Jordan without sounding completely ridiculous. It’s true, he has led OKC to the NBA Finals.

But the Thunder are thriving now because of Kevin Durant’s personality. His easy-going nature has allowed Oklahoma City to become the dominating force that they are today. While superstars are generally thought of to be this type A, dictatorship-like personality, Kevin Durant is governing his team democratically.

It feels like eons ago when Russell Westbrook was being condemned for his apparent lack of a conscious and Kevin Durant was getting criticized for his reluctance to take the bull by the horns. Unlike a dirty prison rat, Kevin Durant continued to defend his partner in crime no matter how out of hand Westbrook got. Durant even fired back at Skip Bayless saying “we’re worse when I take more shots” a couple of months ago.

Without Kevin Durant’s willingness to let his shoot first point guard shoot first far too often, the Thunder wouldn’t be up 1-0 in the NBA Finals as we speak. Durant let Westbrook play through his mistakes. His many, many mistakes.

Oh, how the times have changed.

Westbrook is not the same player these days. He still takes lots of shots. Last night, Westbrook had 24 field goal attempts to Durant’s 20. But the change is most noticeable in key situations. During the playoffs, Westbrook has finally learned when to defer to the best player on his team. He knows when he should sit back and watch the magic instead of trying to make it.

It took a bit longer than it probably should have but everyone grows up at a different rate. For some odd reason, Russell Westbrook deluded himself into thinking, and/or was out to prove, that he was the superstar in Oklahoma City.

If Kevin Durant handled this situation in the authoritarian manner that many thought he should, it might very well have stunted Westbrook’s development. Knowing Westbrook, he may have responded to fire with fire, rebelling to the oppressiveness like a teenager does to his parents telling him to hit the books. However, Kevin Durant let Russell Westbrook mature at his own pace. He didn’t force the issue and Westbrook responded accordingly.

The evidence was there again on Tuesday night as Kevin Durant poured in 17 of his game-high 36 points in the final period. Westbrook may have finished the game with more shots but he picked his spots, the right ones, in the 4th quarter.

A championship this season isn’t necessary to validate what Kevin Durant did for his team. He didn’t knee-jerk his way to a controversy and the Thunder are on their way to many more exhilarating championship runs. He may have done very little over the past year to squash the Skip Bayless led criticism but very little was precisely what Oklahoma City, and more importantly, Westbrook required.

Russell Westbrook is changed man now. He didn’t need an intervention. He just needed time.

Not many superstars would have been able to give Westbrook the time he needed. But Kevin Durant isn’t like most superstars.

And because of it, the Oklahoma City Thunder are sitting pretty, a game up on the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.


Chris Ross

Chris is a writer on Comedic Prose, and he also is the editor of Painting the Black.

You can follow Chris on twitter @paintstheblack or e-mail him at cross_can15@hotmail.com

Russell Westbrook naysayers, “Where you be at?”


Russell Westbrook deserves a lot of credit for the success of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He’s been stepping as a leader on the team, and has increased his defensive intensity. Along with Thabo Sefolosha, Westbrook has been able to stymie Tony Parker’s offense this series. It’s time for everyone to acknowledge him as one of the elite point guards in the NBA. Now I’m not saying he’s Chris Paul or Rajon Rondo, but he’s in the next tier. One thing that is not debatable is that he’s clearly better than Derrick Rose1.

All the “Derrick Rose is better than Westbrook people” where you be at? I know you’ll are out there, because anytime I tell you the truth about your limited super hero. You bite my face off like a dude on bath salts. So where are you? Perhaps you’re at home, running the back game 5 and marveling at a midrange jump shot that actually goes in. Whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re taking in what’s happening. So the next time you try to argue that Rose is better you know how ridiculous you sound.

Now that it is undeniable that Russell Westbrook is an elite point guard. He’s starting to win the battle of public perception. I find it funny that all those people who said, “Westbrook was a ball hog” and “The Thunder can’t win with Russell running the point” are remarkably silent. Where did all if you’ll go? You’ll were so loud when you thought you were right. Now you’re that loser at the park that takes his ball and goes home. Are you busy watching ESPN First Take, so Skip Bayless can form your next argument? An argument that you will inevitably use at a bar on some unsuspecting guy, that just wanted to go to Red Lobster to enjoy those garlic/butter/cheese biscuits2. In case you’re wondering, that guy is a dope. And if I happen to run into that guy I’m going Metta World Peace on him. Then I will raise my hands to profess my innocence in (Gary Payton style).

With everything being said, I will readily admit (that’s right I’m readily admitting something in the last paragraph. I should be World Peaced right now) that Russell Westbrook did have things in his game that needed to be changed. However I don’t think it had anything to do with him shooting less or passing more. That’s evident by his numbers. He’s actually average close to the same amount of shots and assists that he did last year. The change is Russell Westbrook’s decision making. He now picks his spots, and has a better sense for the moment. Consequently he turns the ball over less, and gives the Thunder a better chance to win3. Will that be the formula that leads Oklahoma City to a championship this year? Maybe, but regardless Russell Westbrook is on the right track.


1. Click here for my position on the 2011 MVP
2. Those biscuits are delicious. They should close Red Lobster and franchise those biscuits.
3. This time last year Russell Westbrook had 62 turnovers in the playoffs. Currently he has 29 turnovers.


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