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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 99: Kanye West, T.L.O.P. (The Life of Pablo) Album Review

On this episode of The Last Show Podcast, I review Kanye West’s latest album, T.L.O.P. (The Life of Pablo). It’s been out long enough for me to finally give an opinion. What I say may surprise you. It actually surprised me. I also talk about how much I don’t know about politics, Conor McGregor, and…
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Joe Biden Getting Aggressive, because His Boy Obama Got Slapped

So Joe Biden, went overly agressive dude at the strip club, during the Vice Presidential debate (I’m not sure if it’s actually a Vice Presidential debate, but it sounds right), to try to make up for the way Barack Obama got slapped around by Mitt Romney last week. Now I didn’t watch the Vice Presidential,…
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The Off – Beat: By The Numbers with Mitt Romney

Here’s a look at last week’s headlines . . .   By the Numbers   1. The number of Iranian nuclear scientists killed by a bomb this week (I’ll let you figure out the irony in that one).   2. The number of years since a 7.0 magnitude earthquake tore through the nation of Haiti,…
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