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Kortney Williams Presents The Comedy Show: 2…will you be there Nov. 17th?

The Comedy Show went down again last night for the second time. I guess you can call it The Comedy Show: 2 (I think I’m going to count down ever show like a UFC event). Featured on the show was Mitch Burrow, Jameson Milton, and Geoff Brousseau. Everyone on the show did well and I…
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A weekend opening for Dave Chappelle

I got the crazy opportunity to open up for Dave Chappelle for a weekend. I will spare you the details on how it came together. I sure you want to know, but, it’s none of your business. Plus if I tell all 200 of the people that read my website1, one of those people may know…
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The Comedy Show: You must be at the next show!

The first of – what I hope will be – a monthly comedy series, appropriately titled The Comedy Show. Went down last Sunday, at The Comedy Underground. I want to thank everyone that came out. Especially since the weather conditions stunk. I thought I saw the devil dumping buckets of water right in front of…
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Kortney Shane Williams Presents: The Comedy Show, Live at the Comedy Underground

I Kortney Shane Williams, will be producing a comedy show at the Comedy Underground in Seattle Washington, September 29th at 8pm titled, Kortney Shane Williams Presents: The Comedy Show. This show will be the first of what I hope will turn into a monthly comedy show. Because I don’t do many show in Seattle (I…
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