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Seattle New Years Comedy Show, Saturday Jan. 3rd (Stand-Up Style)


Saturday January 3rd at 8 PM (Stand-Up Style) debuts at Easy Monkey Taphouse in Seattle for a New Year’s celebration. Get your tickets now: (Stand-Up Style) Brown Paper Tickets (You can click that link for tickets. That’s why it’s lighting up blue)


What’s (Stand-Up Style)?

Stand-Up [stand-uhp]: delivering a comic monologue while alone on the stage.

Style [stahyl]: attitudes that individuals within a culture express through their choice of cultural forms…it determines the manner in which they perform.

(Stand-Up Style) [stand-uhp] [stahyl]: Is a monthly live comedy show produced by Kortney Shane Williams. This is not the normal comedy show that is full of hack comics. This show features some of the best national touring headliners. It’s guaranteed to be a great night of comedy, and not one that turns your one night out, into a 3 hour marathon of unfunny; which ends up being more depressing than entertaining.… Read More

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