The annual Oregon Ducks loss means more SEC #niceuniforms

The annual Oregon Ducks loss means more SEC #niceuniforms


The Oregon Ducks loss on a Thursday night. To a west coast team that had no business beating them. This has become an all too familiar storyline for Oregon. At this point you all most expect it to happen. Hell, had they not lost last night I would have been shocked. As a matter of fact it wasn’t even breaking news on ESPN.

Now you have to mention that they were missing players on the offensive line. However, you can’t lose to an unranked, highly limited Arizona team.

So what does this mean?

Welcome to the SEC Final Four

Now that Oregon has successfully completed their annual loss. It clears the way for the SEC. The SEC will easily get two teams into the Final Four, and can potentially have all four spots. Sure it will take a Florida State loss to make that happen, but with the way they’re playing that’s not much of a stretch.

I expect Florida State to lose at some point. That will make it the SEC National Championship once again.

An all too familiar storyline


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