Peyton Manning and the San Francisco 49ers should get it over already

Peyton Manning and the San Francisco 49ers should get it over already

It looks like the San Francisco 49ers have emerged as a serious contender for the services of Peyton Manning. Along with the Tennessee Titans, the Denver Broncos, and probably a mystery team that’s dumb enough to think they still have a shot. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to where Peyton Manning will go. For all I know he may even end up playing for that for that arena team with Terrell Owens. If I squint hard enough I can see Manning throwing touchdowns in front of a sold out crowd of 500 people. All you have to do is squint a little and you can see you too. While you’re squinting, in between thinking about how dumb you look. Think about how much you really care.

The Peyton Manning sweepstakes has gone on long enough. If I see that grainy Blair Witch like video of Manning throwing to some unrecognizable figure one more time, I’m going to lose it. The whole thing was cool when it first started out. There was all this speculation, and mystery surrounding one of the greatest of all time. However now it’s become a droning noise that’s indecipherable. It’s gone on so long that I’ve actually had time to let the idea of Manning being the hall of fame quarterback wash over me. I now have come to this new revelation that Manning is a 36 year old quarterback that may be finished.

Somewhere in-between the Blair With video and that tearing press conference. I forgot that this is an old man coming off four neck procedures. People keep saying that he has 3 years left when that’s not the case. In actuality he has 2 years left at best, and it’s more likely that he a washed up Hall of Famer with a raggedy neck, that’s just trying to finish his career on a high note.

When you consider the obstacles surrounding him, you would have to conclude that there are only two places Manning should consider playing out the remainder of his career. He should either sign with the San Francisco 49ers or the Tennessee Titans. The Niners are a great option because they have the ability to give Manning the chance to win a super bowl. On the other hand the Titans can sell Manning on the chance to have a career after football. Manning could end up being to the Titans what John Elway is now to the Broncos.

It’s impossible to tell what Peyton Manning will choose. Maybe he sees things differently? At this point I don’t care what he does. I just want him to make a decision soon. Or else I’m left to the grainy video.


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  1. W.Tillman says:

    I feel that payton will be good where ever he goes. If you good you just that good.

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