Nick Saban can coach my Cleveland Browns any day of the week

Nick Saban can coach my Cleveland Browns any day of the week


After watching Nick Saban win another national championship last night. It’s never been more evident that the Cleveland Browns need to go all in for Nick Saban. I know there have been people that have doubted whether he can be successful on the NFL level, especially after his lack luster results with the Miami Dolphins. However after watching Saban dominate college football for the last 4 years. There is no way anyone can say with conviction that he couldn’t be a great coach in the NFL.

After what I saw last night (I only saw the first half which is all anyone with a life should have watched) it’s clear that Nick Saban can coach on any level. He had them boys ready to play. Those teams were supposed to be in the same league. However, once I saw that linebacker1
Pearl River Plunge Notre Dame’s running back, it was clear that Saban had his team operating on another level. That’s the kind of preparation the Cleveland Browns need. Just imagine if the Browns had that kind of performance. John Gruden might wet his pants trying to call the game.

Now I know people will try to dismiss Saban’s collegiate success. We all know he gets the best players, and that’s a huge advantage. However, when you win 3 BCS championships in 4 years, while going through the best conference in college football, you are not only a great coach, but you’re legendary. And that’s the kind of guy the Cleveland Browns need.


1. I call him that linebacker because I don’t know his name, and secretly I want it to be his stage name when he’s in the WWE.. I can see it right now, “Coming to the ring. The guy that brought a hatchet to Notre Dame’s pillow fight, That Linebacker!” Someone get Michael Cole on phone, and ask him to call Alabama’s games next season.


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