LeBron James and the indictment that is his third MVP

LeBron James and the indictment that is his third MVP

LeBron James of the Miami Heat is about to win his third MVP. That’s right, “Not one, not two, but three (Cue the smoke and music ‘bum, bum, bum’).” With his this MVP, LeBron will solidify himself as the best player of his generation (I’m not sure this is breaking news. I mean who is better than him? The only person close to him in this generation is Dwyane Wade, and he not even in the conversation.), and it’s not even close. He’s better than every player of his era in all the important measurable categories, and he’s the only player to lead his team to multiple 60 win seasons (Derrick Rose did it once, but I refuse to make this article about his inadequacies. So allow me to leave that there). Now you add a 2012 season, where dude was on his Captain Kirk ish*1, and even the biggest LeBron critic would have to say he’s killing it (Shaolin style). However his career is no longer about how good he is. Now it’s time to assess his greatness (this is when all the Wade fans can perk up, because Wade is a greater player*).

It’s no longer impressive to watch LeBron James dunk on people or throw powder in the air, while a half full arena shuffles into the Grey Goose Lounge2. That’s what he’s supposed to do. What is past due on the agenda is a championship ring which is even more evident now that he’s won another MVP.

James is officially in a category of his own. LeBron is now the only player to have won 3 MVPs without winning an NBA championship. So while it is an honor to be rewarded as the regular season player of the year. LeBron’s latest MVP has become a glaring indictment on his career. A career that is presently most notable for underachieving. Someone could make every excuse as for why LeBron James has yet to hoist the NBA Championship. You can blame it on the Cleveland Cavaliers, or even the lack of cohesion with the Miami Heat. However as Terrell Suggs says, “There’s getting it done, and not getting it done.” So far LeBron hasn’t gotten it done, and there’s no amount of talcum powder that can hide that fact.

So I’m not celebrating LeBron for proving something I already know. He is the best player in the NBA. I don’t need David Stern to present him with a trophy for me to understand that. It’s time for King James3 to win a championship this year. He could silence his critics this summer by leading the Miami Heat to their second championship in franchise history. Then he can place his championship ring on his middle finger for all those that didn’t believe to see. On the other side if he doesn’t get it done. All his MVPs will be an indictment on a career that should be better. Who knows what will happen. One thing that is for sure is we are still waiting to witness4 greatness.



1. Just trying not to curse. I do it for the kids.
2. The Greygoose Lounge is one of the reasons Miami’s arena looks empty. The other reason is, because it’s in Miami.
3. King James is what he calls himself. There has never been any proof to him being a real king.
4. Witness was a Nike ad campaign when LeBron first came into the league. They even printed shirts which were hard to come by in the city of Cleveland, because they were sold out. Now those shirts are hard to come by because Dan Gilbert personally burned them while he wrote that comic sans letter.


*Before you email me with your complaints. This article assumes that LeBron James will win his third MVP. If that ends up not coming to pass please disregard.


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