John Calipari, Anthony Davis, and the 2012 Kentucky Wildcats…the greatest AAU team of all-time

John Calipari, Anthony Davis, and the 2012 Kentucky Wildcats…the greatest AAU team of all-time

John Calipari has done it again by leading the Kentucky Wildcats to the Final Four. Now the only question to ask is when will this appearance be vacated? I put the over/under at 3 years or a year after John Calipari leaves. I know I may piss off Kentucky fans with that assertion, but it will happen. That just the way my boy John does business. You can’t assemble the 31st NBA team without bending some rules. Just enjoy it now and brace for impact later.

I blame the diminished play of college basketball over the last 5 years on the ascension of AAU basketball. AAU basketball has directly or indirectly, created a lack of basketball IQ. The problem with AAU is that it doesn’t teach you the entangle parts of the game. Elite players don’t learn how to actually play, because they don’t have to. Elite AAU players are assembled with other elite players during the summer. Those elite players go to tournaments where they play other teams that are assembled for the summer. So since it’s not a true team, the games come down to who has the most talent. Consequently you don’t learn how to play. Then you add in that these tournaments are more heavily recruited than high school games. So what is supposed to be a game, morphs into a college showcases. This is why no coach has been able to win a National Championship with a one and done team…until now.

The 2012 Kentucky Wildcats have challenge everything I believe I when it comes to one and done talent. Usually these teams end up underperforming, because they’re essentially AAU teams. However there’s something different about this Kentucky team. They seem to have no egos and everyone shares the ball. I believe John Calipari deserves all the credit for this. I don’t know what he does, but he gets his teams to buy in. Now he is in position to finally reach the top of the mountain, and I think he will get it done.

So Congratulations to the 2012 Kentucky Wildcats, the greatest AAU team of all-time.


Kortney Shane Williams

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  1. Katbluefan says:

    Miss Kortney, That was a very nice article you did on my KY Wildcats and Coach Cal. Most likely you have never been to a game at Rupp Arena or even know any thing about KY basketball. Most like all you know is what you have read or someone read to you from the internet or from some news print. It is nice to know that ladies like you who have nothing better to do than pretend to know college basketball can write articles and say things about people you know nothing about or do not take time to research before you spew your lies. Maybe one day you will grow up and become a writer for some rag paper in Europe. Get your facts before you open your garbage mouth next time wh**e

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