Cleveland Cavaliers will lose in a 3-team trade…unless?*

Cleveland Cavaliers will lose in a 3-team trade…unless?*

A great man once said, “Three ways are never a good, because someone always leaves unsatisfied.” The Cleveland Cavaliers are in prime position to be that guy watching at the foot of the bed. If the Cavaliers end up being the 3rd team in the Dwight Howard deal, it could set back their franchise for the next few years. The goal is to bring a championship to the city of Cleveland, and as presently constituted. The three team deal would put them further away from that goal. They will end up getting one above average NBA player and potentially the 27th pick from the Brooklyn Nets. That’s a recipe for the 7th spot in the playoffs.

When the Cavaliers lost their superstar in the summer of 2011, they guaranteed themselves a couple of things. A lot of losing and lottery picks. If a team is patience and smart, both of those things can make you a championship contender (please see the Oklahoma City Thunder). The Cavaliers have exhibited patience thus far. It’s not time to “go dumb again” and facilitate a super team in Brooklyn. I love Jay-Z just as much as the next black kid from the suburbs, but he’s not doing any favors for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Unless…

The Cavaliers can be winners in this trade if they can get a first round pick from a team other than the Nets and convince Kris Humphries to stay in Cleveland (Normally I would argue against the retention of Humphries, because of the Kardashian residue. But if he has broken the curse, it’s alright that he stays). In this scenario they would protect themselves with a lottery pick if they were to make the playoffs. And if they have the great fortune of missing the playoffs, their reward to be two lottery picks. So in the 3 years they would have turned the loss of LeBron James into: Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, a guaranteed 2013 lottery pick, and a former Kardashian. Smells like a championship to me. As long as they don’t end up at the foot of the bed.


*Full of Unapologetic Cleveland Bias

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Agree 100%! I don’t want them in this trade unless they get another 1st round pick. Otherwise it’s pointless.

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