Jersey Shore Diaries: Season 5 Begins

Jersey Shore Diaries: Season 5 Begins

Just when you think the Jersey Shore can’t get any better. They hit you with a sub par episode that you feel obligated to watch. Now there wasn’t a lot there but do you think that’s going to prevent me from breaking it down?

Even though that’s was one of the most depressing Jersey Shore episodes there are some in arguable takeaways. First all the cast is starting to look a little strung out. They look like a 70s rock band that’s been dropping acid for the last month on a European tour. This is a group that should have broken up a long time ago. The Jersey Shore is the Guns and Roses of reality television. Snooki is Axl Rose, Deena is some weird roadie…. I don’t know who everyone else is. Let just leave here before it starts to get weird and unfunny.

As much as things have changed the story remains the same. What happened between The Situation and Snooki? What went on in that room that only Snooki, Ryder, The Situation, and The Unit were invited to (the unit is a Douche name and something you should never have to call another man)? We all know that it’s going to come out, because there’s no way Sitch can hold that kind of ammunition. I’ll give it 2 weeks, until Mike shows up with some photos or a strand of DNA to prove his point. And J can’t wait (Bart Scott style).


Kortney Shane Williams

Editor of Comedic Prose

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