HBO Jay-Z and Beyonce On the Run Review

HBO Jay-Z and Beyonce On the Run Review


I just finished watching the Jay-Z and Beyonce HBO concert. It took me two sittings to finish the On the Run marathon.
I’m still not sure if it was a good concert. Going in my expectations were high for some reason. Maybe it was the hype. Maybe it was because of the ticket price for the tour.
It was probably because Jay-Z is one of my favorite artist, and I was anticipating him killing it. Well, the concert was overhyped, ticket prices were too high, and Jay-Z didn’t kill it. Other than that it was great.
One thing that struck me was that this was not a Jay-Z tour. The show was not set up for him to succeed. The stage was too wide open for one person to be able to fill that space. Beyonce on the other hand was great. I have never paid that much attention to her, and I never will. However she was the star of the show.

There were also some cosmetic things that I didn’t like.
I was infuriated by the covers that were done during the concert. “Why are you singing Lauryn Hill?” It’s a show with Beyonce and Jay-Z, you should have enough music. Then again it was a marathon concert. They probably ran out of material. I should probably be happy they didnt start taking request.

I also didn’t like the Quentin Tarantino like direction of the show. I didnt know what section of the on screen movie we were in. During one scene there were guns shooting. Then Beyonce shot Jay-Z while she sang Nancy Sinatra’s, Bang, Bang. But maybe she didn’t shoot him, because later on they showed their wedding video. But maybe that was the beginning of the end of the marathon, and Jay-Z did infact die. I’m confused. When are the deleted scenes coming out? It could be called, “Let’s stop the Run.”



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