Finally Tonight, Is TONIGHT! The Biggest Weekend of My Career

Finally Tonight, Is TONIGHT! The Biggest Weekend of My Career


Tonight I’m releasing my 4th comedy album.

I’m doing a weekend of shows at The Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater in Seattle. This Friday Oct. 13th at 8pm and Saturday at 8pm & 10pm You can get Show and Ticket information here.

Look I don’t really talk much about my career, or accomplishments. There are people that see me every day who have no idea the amount of energy I put into being a great comic. I have family members that don’t know the sacrifices I’ve made. I pretty

Kortney’s Album Release Show, Oct. 13th 8pm and Oct. 14th 8pm & 10pm at The Rendezvous in Seattle

much downplay everything. It helps to keep me level, and it lessens the blow publicly when things don’t work out. AND I’VE HAD PLENTY OF THINGS NOT WORK.

But allow me to peel back the curtain.

I have been working on this comedy album for 3 years. It’s been an incredibly overwhelming process, and far more intense than I thought it would be. Originally I thought it would take about a year. However, somewhere in-between not signing a recording contract and hiring an engineer. I realized that I had the opportunity to pour myself into the biggest project of my career. Not only that, but is probably the last project I will have complete control over. So I just took complete ownership. I made sure I didn’t leave anything unexplored. Which is was it took me 3 years.

The last year has been overwhelming. There is a lot of life happening around me. The same way life happens to everyone. But for me I had this project that I had already invested in. A project that ended costing $3000 monetarily, and countless hours of labor. It no longer made sense to reverse course and sign with a label. At the same time there was no way I was going to get this project done by the fall. And that’s when things got real.

This is the Original Front Cover Sketch Artwork Next To The Final Version

I decided to double down. For the last 8 months I have been working virtually every hour to finish this project. However, I still had more normal comedy work, show producing, performing, and LIFE is still happening. So, routinely I would wake up around 5:30 and go to bed at midnight, just to do it all again. Progress was slow. Not having the experience or resources of a production company. Meant I had to learn a lot. I literally planned, designed, and distributed everything. Rather it was a download card, CD Panels, Posters, or flyers. I had to figure it. And eventually I finished it.

This is the Original Back Cover Sketch Artwork Next To The Final Version

So it is here! I have a lot of pride in how everything turned out. Truth is a lot of it come out better than I thought it would.

I want to thank everyone that helped me with the project, Terrance Robinson: Recording Engineer, Justin Brown: Photography, Isaac Novak: Artwork, Rick Taylor: Mastering

Thanks to City Arts and Brett Hamil for the dope article. Also you mentioned my brother. That was the coolest thing ever. (Which you can read here).

Special thanks to my wife (Who I will Not be Hyperlinking).

And big thank you to everyone in Seattle who attends my monthly show at Naked City, or has supported my career in any fashion. I can’t say enough what you have done for may career.



DJ Nicfit will be host on performing on the turntables. Also special guest comedian Andrew Rivers will be performing all weekend

$15 in advance and $20 at the door 21+

Doors Open a half hour before Showtime

Special DJ Nicfit Performance (Saturday Only) Doors Open To Public at 11:30

Live at The Rendezvous in Seattle

Jewelbox Theater

2322 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98121

Get more information on the show at:

All weekend my new album, To Whom is Doesn’t Concern will be available for purchase, along with t-shirts, download cards, and more.

The is going to be a fantastic group of shows.

So get your tickets now:

Kortney Shane Williams

Follow Kortney Williams on Twitter @kortneyshane

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