Kanye West, “Black Skinhead” Video, very Creative and confusing

Kanye West, “Black Skinhead” Video, very Creative and confusing


So this is what we all been waiting for ain’t it…

Kanye West has dropped the video for Black Skinned. It’s maybe his best track of his album Yezuss, and the video does not disappoint. However if you were confused as to what the song meant when you listened to it the first time. This video does nothing to clear up that confusion.

For the record I have listened to this song a least a hundred times, and I watched this video twice. Yet I still don’t know what a black skinhead is. I thought it was someone who was tired of conforming to the system and decided to live by their own rules. However, now that I have seen the video I feel like it’s a Coyote mixed with one of those Tupac Coachella holograms. I just pray it’s something that doesn’t bring shame to my family as I drive around blasting it while I text and drive.



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