The Last Show Podcast, EP 11: Jay-Z gets beat on in an elevator and Johnny ‘Football” Manziel

I wanted to talk about some other things. However the bat signal was sent out. So, I'm talk about Solange beating on Jay-Z in an elevator and Johnny Manziel. If you haven't seen the video go to my site… Read the Rest

The Last Show Podcast, EP 10: Michael Pineda is using that Boozer Hair Butter

Boozer-HairButterPinedaNeck So by now you know that Michael Pineda of the New York Yankees got tossed from a game for using pine tar. At least people think its pine tar. However if you remember that … Read the Rest

The Last Show Podcast, EP 09: Lance Stephenson Fight, Larry Bird, and Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

Pringles I talk about the Fight that happened between Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner. I also talk about what is happening with the Pacers as a whole. Later in the show I discuss Rubin Carter, the movie The Hurricane, and those delicious Tortillas Nacho Cheese Pringles.… Read the Rest

The Last Show Podcast, EP 08: DeSean Jackson and college players getting paid

My brother co-host this show with me. We talk about the DeSean Jackson situation for about the first 30mins. Then we delve into the situation surround the unionization of Northwestern's football and basketball programs. We also touch on the NCAA tournament, and I big farewell to an Ohio State player Follow Kortney Williams on Twitter @kortneyshane Read the Rest

The Last Show Podcast, EP 07: Samsung Probems, Paul George Catfished, NFL Saturation, and The BIG ANNOUCEMENT,

Kortney tackles only the big problems on this episode. Like, the problem he’s having with his Samsung phone and Paul George being Catfished. He also talks about Mark Cuban’s comments on NFL over saturation … Read the Rest

The Last Show Podcast, EP 06: LeBron James’ Mount Rushmore and What did Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt do?

My brother Kyle, joins me for this episode of the Last Show. We talk about LeBron James’ Mount Rushmore and get derailed throughout the process. At one point we question the credentials of Teddy … Read the Rest

The Last Show Podcast, EP 05: Hello Kitty and LeBron James’ Mount Rushmore

Kortney talks about Hello Kitty and Cartoons. He also talks about if LeBron is on the NBA’s Mount Rushmore. Perhaps he is?… Read the Rest

The Last Show Podcast, EP 04: Cavaliers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and More Cavs; Seattle Seahawks Parade

Kortney talks about the Cavaliers’ disarray and the firing of Chris Grant. He also talks about how 700,000 people showed up to the Seattle Seahawks’ parade.… Read the Rest

The Last Show Podcast, EP 03: Kendrick Lamar Grammy Award? and Richard Sherman

In this episode of the last show I talk about why Kendrick Lamar should win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. I also talk about my man Richard Sherman.

Enjoy and Comment… Read the Rest

Last Show Podcast EP 02: 2013 NFC Championship, and Seattle’s 12th Man

In this episode I tackle hard hitting subjects like the NFC Championship, Seattle’s 12th Man, and inexplicably The Australian Open.

You can follow Kortney on Twitter @KortneyShane

Also check him out on YouTube at: … Read the Rest