Will Ferrell does an interestingly unfunny introduction for the Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Hornets

So Will Ferrell announced the starting lineups for the Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Hornets last night. How he got the job is kind of confusing. I guess he was in town to film a movie, and David Stern called and said, “Hey Will, could you come to the arena and do a favor for ya boy. I’m still trying … Read the Rest

“Derrick Rose is this era’s MJ!”…Time for a Reality Check.

Derrick Rose is the next coming of some Zeus like basketball figure. He’s the greatest ever. “Derrick Rose is this mixture between Michael Jordan and Brock Lesnar. I literally don’t know how you stop him!” Well I’d just let him take jump shots because dude can’t shoot.

Alright let’s come down to reality (For all you with you Rose colored … Read the Rest

Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers, Winning for Losing

The Cleveland Cavaliers have found themselves in a very interesting position. While they’re losing games in a Cleveland like fashion1. They are also poised to follow the small market blueprint to success.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the NBA for the last three decades let me catch you up on the Cavaliers history in one sentence. … Read the Rest

The Detroit Tigers Show Prince Fielder $214 Million

The singer Prince once changed his name, and now the baseball player Prince has officially changed his team.  The difference is the singer amassed a large fortune before changing.  The baseball player will amass his after.

Prince Fielder’s new team – the Detroit Tigers – signed him to a contract reportedly worth 214 million dollars over the next nine seasons.  … Read the Rest