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Comedian #BARS

I Think We’re Skipping Thanksgiving This Year, “For the Sake of Christmas”

Thanksgiving will be here in 2 weeks, yet I haven’t seen any decorations. This time of year, there are usually some kind of buy one get one free turkey sale that would be advertised during football games. And those weird uncomfortable signs on the side of on your street start popping up. On which some…
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When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong, Starring a Random Cleveland Bus Driver

This video speaks for itself,   Hadoken, Kortney Shane Williams Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose Follow Kortney Williams on Twitter @kortneyshane

Joe Biden Getting Aggressive, because His Boy Obama Got Slapped

So Joe Biden, went overly agressive dude at the strip club, during the Vice Presidential debate (I’m not sure if it’s actually a Vice Presidential debate, but it sounds right), to try to make up for the way Barack Obama got slapped around by Mitt Romney last week. Now I didn’t watch the Vice Presidential,…
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Jersey Shore Go Away, and Don’t Come Another Day

For some reason I got suck watching the Jersey Shore a couple days ago. Now I’m not quite sure how it happened. Maybe it was fate? Kind of like a final destination situation. Where even when you try and get away. Eventually your television just gets suck on MTV at 10 o’ clock. That could be what…
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MTV Awards Are Tonight, and It’s All Their Fault

  The MTV Movie Awards will be held tonight in some weird location. It’s actually probably going to be in L.A. or New York, but who cares. They could be holding it in my kitchen, and I would order out. So, I could avoid catching a part of the ceremony. The person responsible for organizing…
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Lady Gaga’s Music, Creating an Insufferable Vice Around Your Head

  I love Lady Gaga just as much as Tony loved having Nicky Santoro put his head in a vice, and pop his eyeball out in Casino (I still can’t believe he did that for Charlie M). The only difference is, the vice that is Gaga will loosen just enough for you to regain consciousness,…
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Steven Tyler Promoting Burger King, “I may Never Eat Fast Food Again!”

How disturbing is that new Burger King commercial with Steven Tyler (what a terrible introduction I just wrote. I sound like some critic from on high looking down through a monocle while wearing Larry King suspenders)? I may never eat fast food again. At first I didn’t know it was him. I thought it was…
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The 10th Anniversary of Kanye West’s The College Dropout…the Year Hip Hop Changed

It’s been ten years since Kanye West announced his arrival on the music scene with The College Dropout. Back then West was just some guy wearing cashmere Polos. This was back before he became a pop-culture controversy magnet. It may be hard for you to remember that far back, but try to take yourself there. Go…
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Snooki’s pregnant?!@#% Hopefully this is the End of the Jersey Shore

This season of the Jersey Shore sucks (whew now that I got that out of my system)! I told myself that I was done with the Jersey Shore after this season. I kept that proclamation to myself. However the latex gods that be, must have been of the same opinion. The gods of latex have…
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Kanye West and Jay-Z Drop Ni**as in Paris Video…#FishGrease

I was one of the biggest critics of Kanye West and Jay-Z ‘s compilation album Watch the Throne. My feelings still haven’t change, but I will admit that I was wrong about “Niggas in Paris.” That track is fire! I’m talking about fish grease. I think the first time I listened to it. The weird…
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