The Cleveland Cavaliers and Kyrie Irving lose to D.J. Augustin


I just watched the Kyrie Irving and Loul Deng led Cleveland Cavaliers lose to injury riddled Chicago Bulls led by D.J. Augustin. The same D.J. Augustin that couldn’t dribble last year in the playoffs. The same D.J. Agustin that was cut by the Toronto Raptors. Yeah, that D.J. Augustin put up 27 and 7 on the Cavaliers an hour ago. I’d like to say it was a fluke, but this is a continuation of the Cavaliers losing to bad teams. Perhaps the Cavs are the bad team, that I think they are supposed to beat? Maybe that smell is coming from my house? Maybe I was wrong coming into this season, and they are destined to be a lottery team again?

Before I concede that last point I want to see how they look going into the all-star break. They are 15-27 with 11 games left before the break. If they can find a way to be 8 games below .500 by the break, they should still make the playoffs. However I’m not sure they can do it. Especially when they’re losing to players like D.J. Augustin.


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