Video: Detroit Tigers’ Jim Leyland rants about everyone doing their job


Manager Jim Leyland of the Detroit Tigers, registered one of the greatest rants of all-time.

After the home plate umpire blew an obvious third strike call in the second inning of the Tigers and Red Sox’s game this weekend. Boston went on a three run rally (That should immediately raise an eyebrow. Anytime that team goes on a rally I sense foul play (the cream and the clear style). In the postgame interview, Leyland was asked about the rally, and then his epic rant began. This was a masterpiece. It’s something that probably brought a tear to the eye of Allen Iverson and Bob Knight. The highlight of the rant is when he goes after the umpire, and then says “I’m not going sit here and rip umpires.” Then he goes back in on the umpire. Jim Leyland thinks everyone involved in the game needs to be held accountable. He thinks that if you see something than you should say something (neighborhood watch style). “So Mr. Leyland, here’s to me doing my part.”

That should have been a strike in the 2nd inning.


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