Month: March 2012

Comedian #BARS

Washington Redskins, “No such thing as overpaying for Robert Griffin III”

It had to be done. The Washington Redskins were in a bidding war that they happily won. Their prize is the most electrifying and talented quarterbacks to come out of college since Michael Vick. The Redskins may have given up a lot of draft picks but this sacrifice was one with the future in mind.…
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Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls need to make championship moves

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls need to strengthen their roster in order to be true NBA Championship contenders. Rose is going to kill himself trying to drag this team to relevancy. How they get better? I don’t really know. Maybe they trade some pieces or use a midlevel exception? Perhaps they could kidnap someone…
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Snooki’s pregnant?!@#% Hopefully this is the End of the Jersey Shore

This season of the Jersey Shore sucks (whew now that I got that out of my system)! I told myself that I was done with the Jersey Shore after this season. I kept that proclamation to myself. However the latex gods that be, must have been of the same opinion. The gods of latex have…
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The New Orleans Saints bounty scandal overblown

Let the vilification begin. Gregg Williams and the New Orleans Saints are on their way from being seen as, well, saints to scoundrels. The team that boosted the morale of the city ravaged by Hurricane Katrina aren’t so angelic after all. The halo hovering over Sean Payton are now devil horns grotesquely protruding from his head.…
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Will Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers go for blood Sunday?

Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers have the showcase game this Sunday against the Miami Heat. This game will say a lot about who the Lakers are. If they have a great showing, people will be back on their jock like a college girl on ecstasy. On the other hand if they come up…
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