Seattle Seahawks continue to show their Russell


I sense that’s there’s a lot of people baffled about the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson.

I say that their baffled, because they don’t seemed to be saying anything at all about the Seahawks season. It seems that everyone tries to explain away every big win by the Seahawks this season. The Green Bay Packers win was dismissed, because of a blown call by the replacement referres1. Then they beat the New England Patriots, and that was dismissed because of their home field advantage2. Then they beat the Chicago Bears, in Chicago, and that game is dismissed because, “Chicago is getting old, and you know Brian Urlacher isn’t 100%. Plus Chicago isn’t really that good anyway.”

I have yet to hear what the excuse will be for the beat down they put on the prematurely crowned, San Francisco 49ers. Perhaps they’ll just concede the fact that the Seattle Seahawks are a super bowl contender (excuse me for a minute; I have to take a drug test.Read More

ESPN’s Rob Parker educates us on blackness

rob-parkerI don’t know if you’ve been under a sports rock for the last day, but Rob Parker of ESPN has been suspended. Why did he get suspended? Well he decided to give his social opinion on race. Which in most circumstances would be okay, but Parker decided to decide to debate if Robert Griffin III was, “…a brother, or a cornball brother?”

Now I don’t know about you’ll but when I want racial commentary I tune into ESPN First Take. For me the sports talk is just icing on the cake. I tune in for racial controversy. I think ABC should swap that show out with The View, and let it come on national television.

On a more serious note, Rob Parker is obviously wrong. He was way out of line with his comments regarding what type of “brother” Robert Griffin is. However what I find far more egregious is his comment regarding RG3 have a white fiancé, and making it seem like he may be less of a man because of that.… Read More

Philadelphia 76ers and the mark that will pay Andrew Bynum

I actually forgot that Andrew Bynum was a member of the Philadelphia 76ers. If you were to ask me a week ago, if he still existed, I would have quickly answered yes. However, if I was given some time to contemplate, I would think to myself, “Man…I haven’t seen dude all year…where is he? I know his job is the sit on the 76ers bench and grow weird hairdos, to distract of from the fact that, ‘Dude ain’t playing.’ Maybe that’s labor intensive work, and that’s why I haven’t been able to find him? But I bet he will show up when he’s ready to get his money.”

Since it’s apparent that Andrew Bynum doesn’t plan on playing this year. There’s only one question that needs to be asked. How much money is going to get this offseason? And is there a sucker that’s going to give him $100 Mill?1

Andrew Bynum is worth $10 million dollars a year at the most.… Read More

Mike Brown, has become the black Flip Saunders

So Mike Brown got fired by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now, I’m sure there’s some reason he got fired. I can personally think of a couple right off the top of your head. One of those being that the fix was in, and the best scenario for Mike Brown, was for him to win some games and be fired after two years. Now he didn’t make it through the second year, which could be seen as underachieving, but this is Mike Brown we’re talking about, aka the Black Flip Saunders.

I have spent sleepless nights trying to figure out how the hell Flip Saunders continued to get coaching jobs. Dude wasn’t good (this showed up in Washington in a 2 – 15 fashion), yet he got great coach opportunities. Now it was easy to conclude that he got those opportunities because of good regular season records with the great teams he coach.… Read More

I Think We’re Skipping Thanksgiving This Year, “For the Sake of Christmas”

Thanksgiving will be here in 2 weeks, yet I haven’t seen any decorations. This time of year, there are usually some kind of buy one get one free turkey sale that would be advertised during football games. And those weird uncomfortable signs on the side of on your street start popping up. On which some guy is promoting a free hay ride for all the kids in the neighborhood. Personally I’ve never been quite comfortable with either of those things. I think you should only be able to buy one turkey per transaction, and hayrides are just weird. Let’s start with the fact that you have to sit in a truck Indian style on hay, while you try to maintain enough leverage, as not slide out of the back of it hip first. Then you factor in the creepy, 45 year old driver, and that’s not a place any kid should be.… Read More