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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 245: Vintage Wichita Kansas, Paul Allen, and Jimmy Butler

KLS EP 245: 10.20.18 Kortney talks about the passing on Paul Allen and his exemplary role as a sports owner. He also talk about his comedy weekend in Wichita, Jimmy Butler wanting a trade, and searching for deals in vintage shops.   Enjoy the Podcast, Please Share, and Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and…
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Portland Trail Blazers, Greg Oden, and the career that should have been

It was announced yesterday that Greg Oden of the Portland Trail Blazers, had his third microfracture surgery in 4 years. That’s unbelievable! Three microfracture surgeries in 4 years, that has to be some kind of record (I’m about to get Ripley on line 1). At this point I question if there are any original parts in his…
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