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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 100: Working With Dave Chappelle

On this episode of the Last Show Podcast, I have a co-host. My brother sits in on the entire show. He has a bad phone line, but we make it work. We spend a majority of the time talking about me opening for Dave Chappelle. We also talk about Donald Trump poorly and working out…
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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 34: Opening for Dave Chappelle & Hannibal Buress


So there was nothing to talk about on the podcast, so I decided to talk about myself.

The only alternative was to talk about Bill Cosby, and I’ve had enough of that. No one is moving the story forward, yet it’s not dying. This Bill Cosby story reminds me of Lady Gaga’s music career. Enough with both of them.

So I decided to talk about the last few month of my career. With special attention paid to opening for Dave Chappelle and Hannibal Buress. A lot of people have asked me a lot of questions about the experiences. So I thought I would do a podcast about it.

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Kortney Shane Williams

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Opening for Dave Chappelle in Seattle 2014 – Kortney Shane Williams

I’ve had the opportunity to open for Dave Chappelle this week while he’s been in Seattle performing at the Neptune Theater, and it’s been great. The sets and audiences have been great. I couldn’t really ask for more. Well, actually, I could ask all those people who like my act to come out to some…
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