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The Los Angeles Kings are not on a Cinderella run

  When the 8th seed upsets the 1 and 2 seed, the general consensus is to check if that glass slipper is going to fit. Usually, it will. However, for the Los Angeles Kings, the glass slipper is way too small and delicate. The Kings are much different than your average, everyday, run of the…
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2012 NHL Playoff Hockey: Defence First, Ratings Last

NBC’s ratings were up a whopping 50% mid-way through the first round of the NHL playoffs. Savor those ratings NBC. While the first round has featured such gripping matchups as Penguins-Flyers and Washington-Boston, the Western Conference has seen, to put it nicely, its more defensively aware teams succeed. The St. Louis Blues, Phoenix Coyotes, Nashville…
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