Kortney’s Last Show, EP 31: Bill Cosby Assault Allegations and The 206


Come on Bill Cosby. Come on man. You can’t be the dude out here trying to tell everybody how to act, and then not address rape allegations. You need to come out and say something. With the same intensity that you castigate other people on parenting and how black people need to be doing better.

The longer you say nothing the more it looks like you’ve perpetrated a fraud. You’ve created a lucrative empire on being the moral authority, and America’s dad. Well if you want anyone to believe you. Address the people that have accused you of rape.

I have more to say on the Bill Cosby topic on my podcast. Also on the podcast I talk about my appearance on The 206. I was on the show this past week. If you didn’t catch live. You should be able to find it online sometime in the near future.


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