Kortney’s Last Show, EP25: Ebola and Geno Smith misses a meeting he called?

  EP25Turltleneck So that meeting Geno Smith of the New York Jets, missed this week, was a meeting he called? Also Michael Vick of the same New York Jets wasn't prepared to play? How could you not be prepared to play? You back up Geno Smith! That's like a member of Johnny Manziel's entourage saying he wasn't prepared to roll up dollar bills. So was Michael Vick prepared to conduct the meeting Geno Smith didn't show up for? What did the Jets do when they got to the meeting? Did they just start playing Madden? Also EBOLA! This is freaking me out. I'm wearing nothing but turtle necks. I talk about all of these subjects in Episode 25 of The Last Show Podcast. I also talk about The Cleveland Browns being favored this weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time in life. Enjoy and Subscribe on iTunes   Kortney Shane Williams Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose Follow Kortney Williams on Twitter @kortneyshane

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